outcomes require unconventional moves

Journey is the first CEO platform that helps you plan and execute your success strategy, based on the world’s elite business knowledge and experts.

Work with alumni from the world’s top-performing companies

Journey Operating Platform

Where CEOs take their
companies to the next level

We believe that every CEO should have top-level decision-making support and tools that enable them to plan and execute ambitious growth strategies.

The Journey Operating Platform provides CEOs with the tools and resources that power Fortune 500 companies.

What's Your Endgame?

Strategize & Execute Substantial Growth

    Position for Strategic M&A or IPO

      Prepare for Capital Raise

      Optimize the company for top-quartile profitability

      Design Recurring-Revenue Models

      Broaden Perspective & Eliminate Tunnel vision


      A simple and affordable subscription model, combining top-tier expertise, technology, and cumulative knowledge into a single CEO platform

      The Journey Framework

      Work with a world class expert

      Design and execute your strategy with one of our top-tier industry leaders

      Get matched with a former partner at a world-leading consulting firm, as your dedicated private strategic advisor.

      Drive top-level execution

      Gain holistic clarity on your growth process through cutting-edge technology

      Utilize our management tool to change the way you plan, execute and track critical business decisions.

      Get real-time benchmarks

      Validate your strategy and execution with our cumulative knowledge engine

      Access our ever-growing knowledge hub, developed by CEOs, top-tier consultants, and industry leaders.

      Listen to their Journeys, and start planning yours

      Listen to their Journeys, and start planning yours

      Journey is my planning and executing superpower.
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      Hasan Abasi

      Founder & CEO, HAAT

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