The CEO Operating Platform

The only platform where CEOs can plan and execute the most ambitious success strategies in a structured, systemized, and synchronized way.

A clear path to execution

Integrating the three most crucial decision-supporting tools – a dedicated expert consultant, management platform and collaborative community – Journey provides CEOs with the resources that turn decision-making from intelligent guesstimates into an exact science.

The ultimate CEO powerpack

A private, top-tier strategic consultant

You will be matched with a former partner from a world-leading consulting firm with experience relevant to your strategic needs who will be fully dedicated to helping you reach your end game.

A CEO dashboard and various execution tools

Your journey will be managed and monitored through a proprietary system that enables you to see the big picture and optimize every key element in your company, while prioritizing your efforts to reach scale.

A cumulative knowledge engine

You will have unlimited access to a live, cumulative knowledge-base of benchmarks, insights and best practices generated by our community members – CEOs, top-tier consultants, and industry leaders.


Top-tier experts


Average annual
growth rate


Data points for benchmark


of OKRs achieved via Journey


Key business drivers mapped


NPS score


Verticals expertise


Shorter transition time on execution

The Journey Onboarding Process

Intro Meeting

We only work with companies we know we can help, companies run by CEOs with a clear vision for the future. During our intro meeting, we get to know you better to determine our compatibility.

Strategic Assessment

We perform a thorough strategic assessment of your company before embarking on the Journey. A 360° analysis of the company is performed using a rating system that helps us understand your current position, desired outcomes, and possible bold moves. We share this comprehensive overview with you before we begin.

Tailored Journey Partner

After getting to know you and your company, we match you with the best-fitting Journey Partner, who you will work with throughout the process. Our exclusive pool of former partners from world-leading consulting firms have worked with the highest-performing CEOs, and have a deep understanding of business models and growth levers, as well as an unparalleled capacity for unconventional thinking.

Your Journey Starts Here

Navigating towards a
well-defined endgame

  • Define crystal-clear goals and objectives.

  • Build a roadmap to your destination.

  • Monitor and update your growth track and strategic plan.

Driving unconventional growth strategies

  • Define bold initiatives for growth.

  • Execute a live action plan.

  • Remove bottlenecks and solve ongoing strategic problems.

Optimizing the company’s health & scale readiness

  • Perform ongoing OKR-based health checks.

  • Optimize your company’s building blocks.

  • Develop foundations for growth.

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